Twitter Tips, Social Media, and More at NYSCATE 2013

In preparation for the #nyscate13 conference in just a few days, and as a co-chair of the Social Media Committee (with Jen Laubscher, @JenLaubscher), I’ve made up these Twitter tips sheets for attendees to use – especially if they are new to Twitter. It’s easy to forget how overwhelming it can be for new users. They are branded for NYSCATE, but I thought I’d make them available here, as others might find them useful, too. Hat tip to Richard Byrne who shared similar ones that I’ve adapted a little. If you want nicer, printable ones, just click on the thumbnails below for linked PDF files.

Things to share via Twitter while at #NYSCATE13:

  • Great sessions
  • Aha! moments
  • Powerful quotations
  • Helpful tips
  • New tools
  • New blog posts – or just great blog posts
  • Great people to follow
  • Upcoming event reminders
  • Need help!
  • Collaborators wanted/needed
  • photos/video
  • Things to do/Places to eat do while in Rochester/at the conference

Stop by the Social Media Kiosk to say hello! We have lots of good folks volunteering to answer questions and mentor attendees who need guidance for using the many social tools and spaces for connecting and learning.

campinglogoWe are also running Social Media Camp, an EDCAMP-ish, unconferency (I just made that up, I think) hour-long camp for all things social media. We will allow the interests and needs of those who attend to drive the sessions that get offered. This isn’t just for those how need help with social media. If you are knowledgeable/skilled with the various social tools and spaces for learning, we need you, too. As, in EDCAMP style, those who attend may also lead the sessions according to their own expertise. So, come one, come all…. and bring a friend… or 10. It will be on Monday Nov. 25 from 1:30-2:30 in the Lilac Ballroom.

Finally, all Twitter traffic using the official conference hashtag #nyscate13 will be aggregated here using Eventifier. This includes any photos or videos shared with this hashtag. Also, if you are blogging about the conference or read a blog and want to share it, use the word blog in your tweet along with the hashtag and it will be added to the blogs section of Eventifier. So, go there to see what’s being shared, who is sharing, and even find some new people to add to your personalized learning network!

See you at #NYSCATE13!

— Twitter Tips —
11 Rules of Twitter Etiquette

11 Rules of Twitter Etiquette

Anatomy of a Tweet

Anatomy of a Tweet

Twitter Cheat Sheet

Twitter Cheat Sheet

Twitter Lingo

Twitter Lingo

And… we have a Diigo group for New York educators (and others, too). Consider joining it to both find new resources as well as share ones that may help others.





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