I Just Want to Relax…

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CC Licensed by Welcometolearn

My 7th grade son got up as he does every morning at 6 AM. I drove him to school for his 6:50 AM percussion ensemble rehearsal. He then sat in classes until 2:30 PM and then moved to study hall before Nordic ski practice from 3:30-5:00 PM. I then picked him up at brought him home, where he got right down to doing his homework. After dinner together, he practiced piano and then had some math that he didn’t understand how to do. So, I help him to understand the word problem concepts. It is 8:15 PM. He tells me he’s tired and just wants to go to bed… and that math is boring.

His older brother starts to watch a Stark Trek Next Generation episode and after finishing his math, he joins him. I sidle over to check his math and it’s not really done. When I call him over and ask him why he’s watching Star Trek instead of finishing his math, he replies,

“I just want to relax…”

Seriously… can you blame him?

2 thoughts on “I Just Want to Relax…

  1. Our oldest son is in grade 7 this year and its been hard watching him struggle with the work load and lack of enthusiasm for participating. It’s defintely requiring a lot more assistance and coaching from us to help keep him going.

    It is frustrating as I see that he is slowly becoming part of the “real world” where you go through your daily routine because “that’s just the way it is” and hopefully there is some energy left at the end of the day for you to do what you want to do.

    Its days like theses where I wish I could a) afford to home school my kids and b) wish my wife agreed that I should home school them.


    They are happy the weekend is starting soon, and so am I.

    Keep up the writing.


    P.S. TNG is an execellent choice for relaxing. 😉

    He has

  2. Dale,
    Thanks so much for your comment. I completely understand your sentiment here and I completely agree about weekends. We try to keep those as unscheduled as possible. Although I have little research to support this, it is likely that the kids who struggle with homework burden the most are also the least helped by any of it and the affective damage that it may do to learning and finding joy in learning new things may be quite counter-productive. I am thankful that our district has set (and abides by) fairly reasonable homework demands most of the time.

    But we all have “those days”,…

    I’m with you on the home-schooling front, especially with the very adult social pressures and content being tossed around at earlier and earlier ages. When home schooling is done well and you are part of a vibrant home school network, it can be a great thing. Oh, the interesting projects and meaningful learning activities that could be done!

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