Technology Captives

A recent article in Business Insider summarizes some research over the past year on the relationship between keyboarding and handwriting on note-taking and learning. The conclusions made here are stunningly shallow… that we shouldn’t use computers/keyboards for note-taking; rather, handwriting is better because it slows us down and allows to to “engage” more with the […]

Don’t Be Replaceable.

How do you view the ideas of “Flipped Classroom”, “personalized learning”, “Khan Academy”,…? Dan Meyer writes, “Teachers are a great medium for lots of things that a YouTube video isn’t. “Conversation, dialogue, reasoning, and open questions,” as I put it in my post. If you, as a teacher, aren’t taking advantage of your medium, if […]

The More Things Change…

As I watched this new Apple commercial the other day, it struck me just how much knowledge creating, collaborating and sharing tools have changed over the years, with formal schooling contexts being one of the slowest contexts to exhibit such change. We’ll never stop sharing our memories… but must they always be shared in those […]

Are You Living in Reality or Merely Tolerating it?

In the latest issue (v. 26, #4) of the Journal of Digital Learning in Teacher Education (JDLTE), this article title caught my eye: One-to-One Computing in Teacher Education: Faculty Concerns and Implications for Teacher Educators. The abstract reads, “This study examines initial faculty concerns during implementation of a one-to-one laptop teacher education pilot program” in […]