Technology Captives

A recent article in Business Insider summarizes some research over the past year on the relationship between keyboarding and handwriting on note-taking and learning. The conclusions made here are stunningly shallow… that we shouldn’t use computers/keyboards for note-taking; rather, handwriting is better because it slows us down and allows to to “engage” more with the […]

It’s Not Just “the kids”!

I find myself growing weary of reading articles that complain about how technology is negatively impacting “kids these days” – how they are addicted to technology, distracted the the point of diminished capacity, and even experts who describe scary changes of the brain due to their excessive, or some would say, obsessive relationship with technology. […]

Say Something Nice…

So they put up a podium with a megaphone and left a sign that said, “Say Something Nice.” People did just that. They were given the opportunity and the tool to express themselves in public. Although I have no idea if anyone chose to abuse it or not, the video below shows people taking the […]