In a recent article by the BBC, Are Computers Making Our Lives Too Easy?, author Tom Chatfield raises some important questions as he interviews Nicholas Carr – questions that are not new, but are as important to contemplate as ever. When the question is raised, “Will computers remove the need for people?”, Carr responds with […]

[Digital] Information Literacy

Do kids really have this perspective? Is it really about Internet-based information or is it simply about information in general? I tend to think that if we handed out a legitimate-looking paper document in class, the students would have the same response. A great deal of writing has been generated on the topic of digital […]

Back in the Saddle

After almost a  month of busy scheduling with family, I am finally back and ready to resume my professional endeavors (reading, writing, teaching, …). Vacation time is great, but exhausting at times as well. Being away from Internet was also great, but the glut of “important” information that I missed or have to catch up […]

Doctors, Patients, Teachers, Assessment, Technology

The ABC News headline reads, “Teens Prefer Computers to Doctors“. This headline is somewhat deceptive, though. More accurately, teems may be more likely to share sensitive, high-risk and confidential information via a handheld computing system called the Health eTouch than they would in a face-to-face discussion with their doctor. One quotation that struck me from […]

Ch. 7 – “Now….. This”

Continuing on with my reading – and thinking/blogging – about Neil Postman’s book, Amusing Ourselves to Death, chapter 7 continues to lay out the argument that the rapid-moving format of our television culture is duping us all into being satisfied with shallow, fragmented, and decontextualized ways of “being informed”. Postman attacks American news in particular […]