It’s Not Just “the kids”!

I find myself growing weary of reading articles that complain about how technology is negatively impacting “kids these days” – how they are addicted to technology, distracted the the point of diminished capacity, and even experts who describe scary changes of the brain due to their excessive, or some would say, obsessive relationship with technology. […]

Parenting 2.0: Epilogue

Here’s today’s headline: Teen Dating ’08: Nude Pix On Cell Phones The CBS news article describes unabashed teens sending sexually explicit photos and videos of themselves to others. A psychology professor at San Diego State University who studies young people’s trends, is quoted as saying: “Adolescents are not known for thinking things through – that’s […]

Need for Parenting 2.0?

The recent media frenzy (see eschoolnews article here) over the 16 year old Florida girl who was savagely beaten by eight other teens for the expressed purpose of posting their conquest on YouTube and MySpace brings up so many issues to think about. We have Internet safety, bullying, violence, media influence, morality,… But the question […]

New Twist on Social Tagging?

Okay, I know just about anything can get out of hand. But do we have to ban it carte blanche when it does? Here is a story of a few schools banning the time-tested game of tag on the school playground because of misunderstandings during the game and some children getting chased when they did not […]