In a recent article by the BBC, Are Computers Making Our Lives Too Easy?, author Tom Chatfield raises some important questions as he interviews Nicholas Carr – questions that are not new, but are as important to contemplate as ever. When the question is raised, “Will computers remove the need for people?”, Carr responds with […]

Distraction, Boredom, or Connected?

There is much talk about how kids (and adults!) are distracted by their digital devices simply because the learning is boring or not relevant… that if we only make it more engaging they won’t be checking their smartphones… that it is no different than doodling “old school style” with pencil and paper.  I disagree. True, […]

Don’t Be Replaceable.

How do you view the ideas of “Flipped Classroom”, “personalized learning”, “Khan Academy”,…? Dan Meyer writes, “Teachers are a great medium for lots of things that a YouTube video isn’t. “Conversation, dialogue, reasoning, and open questions,” as I put it in my post. If you, as a teacher, aren’t taking advantage of your medium, if […]

Did You Know 7.6

Did you know… …that Wayne Knight, the star from Seinfeld and Jurassic Park, died the other day in a terrible car crash? Did you know that Courtney Love Found Missing Malaysian Flight 370? Did you know that Justin Bieber Is Going To Be A Father – Selena Gomez Pregnant With Twins? Did you know that the Orange Church […]

Makers are Timeless…

So, the conversation goes something like this… “Dad, can you take us to the hardware store?” “Why?” “We need some PVC pipe” “What for?” “Since our last bow didn’t work, we want to make a better one.” This has been my life story for the past few years. I’ve blogged about it before. PVC pipe, […]