In a recent article by the BBC, Are Computers Making Our Lives Too Easy?, author Tom Chatfield raises some important questions as he interviews Nicholas Carr – questions that are not new, but are as important to contemplate as ever. When the question is raised, “Will computers remove the need for people?”, Carr responds with […]

Don’t Be Replaceable.

How do you view the ideas of “Flipped Classroom”, “personalized learning”, “Khan Academy”,…? Dan Meyer writes, “Teachers are a great medium for lots of things that a YouTube video isn’t. “Conversation, dialogue, reasoning, and open questions,” as I put it in my post. If you, as a teacher, aren’t taking advantage of your medium, if […]

Embrace the Box!

We’ve all seen TED Talks. Sometimes they make an impression. Sometimes they don’t. This TED Talk by Phil Hansen made an impression on me. I watched it the first time while working out on our elliptical trainer. Then, I watched it again. I watched it a third time with my 8th grade son when he […]

Authenticity and Relevance

Value Beyond School I have been reading and re-reading some of the ideas found in the Apple Classroom of Tomorrow 2 (ACOT2) document and this idea struck me as quite relevant. In the section that discusses the concepts of authenticity and relevance, they site the work of Fred Newmann (1995) from University of Wisconsin who […]