Say Something Nice…

So they put up a podium with a megaphone and left a sign that said, “Say Something Nice.” People did just that. They were given the opportunity and the tool to express themselves in public. Although I have no idea if anyone chose to abuse it or not, the video below shows people taking the […]

Hide My Ass

I came across an article that discussed Internet safety for students and it briefly touched upon different ways students find to get around our “safety” mechanisms. This one in particular caught my eye and struck me as being quite insidious. states: .. An anonymous free proxy service aimed at hiding your online identity. Use […]

Blinded by Tools

“Once the technology is sunk deep enough into the culture, the social effects that get built on it simultaneously require the technology and aren’t about the technology.” ~Clay Shirkey So true. Yet we must continually examine those “social effects” rather than get too giddy about the required technologies. Too many discussions are focused on these […]